BirdClub Pack

The BirdClub Pack has been designed for use by birding groups either indoors or out in the field. Hotels and Touring Companies will also find this an important feature for increasing visitor experience.

 The BirdVoice Club Pack contains the following: (users have found the ability to lock everything away at the end of the day in an attache case most useful 

Each pack contains:

  1. 5 BirdVoice PENs with multi coloured sleeves.
  2. 6 Field Guides of 290 British Birds with songs, calls and advice. 
  3. 1 bluetooth pen with speaker. This is good for a whole class.
  4. BirdCaller Pro Software
  5. 9 sets of 400 recordable stickers 
  6. 6 Recordable diaries to story your own recordings.
  7. Lockable attache case
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