BirdClub Pack

The BirdClub Pack has been designed for use by birding groups either indoors or out in the field. Hotels and Touring Companies will also find this an important feature for increasing visitor experience.

Now, you can make your own professional audio field guide specific to your location. The price includes 10 A4 double sided colour leaflets that are laminated and sound enabled. You define the artwork, you define where you want the sound spots. Then use BirdCaller Pro to compile your BirdVoice PENs' file and we will send you the leaflets in 10 days.

You can create different tours for different seasons or the same tour for different age groups - a family tour, a professional tour or a tour in French, German... the same artwork (leaflet) could be used for different groups.

The BirdVoice Club Pack contains the following: (users have found the ability to lock everything away at the end of the day in an attache case most useful

Each pack contains:

  1. Five BirdVoice PENs with multi coloured sleeves,  rechargeable batteries, usb hub for 5 pens and usb charger
  2. Five Field Guides of 290 British Birds with songs, calls and advice. Of course you will have in addition 10 copies of your own Field Guide
  3. One Amplified Speaker System where you can attach your BirdVoice PEN. It includes a hand free microphone and charging unit. this wraps around your waist and is very useful for group communication
  4. BirdCaller Pro Software
  5. 10 medallions and one set of 400 recordable stickers
  6. Lockable attache case
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