Talking Waterproof Laundry or Garden Tag labels

Identifying plants can be a problem. We use tags but the writing may be too small or there may not be enough space for vital information such as watering instructions, lighting, when flowering, etc. This becomes even more difficult as we get older, sometimes hearing is easier than seeing!
With these waterproof labels you can listen and record for up to one hour on any single label. Just tap BirdvoicePEN to the label and listen. You can change information as often as you like. Finger press a label onto any wood or plastic garden tag, and make your recording. You can change the recording as often as you like, so re-use your audio garden tag as the season finishes!
Hobbyists have used these labels for motorcycle parts labeling, labeling kitchen storage cans, labeling clothes. The possibilities for audio labeling are huge.

48 waterproof sticky labels on which you can record audio information. 
No more bending down, reading upside down, fading labels.

SKU: stickerSetWaterproof