Children experience the joys of authorship and publishing with this simple software. They make their own books, make their own audio for the books, and can build a display of the titles they have authored! Place a picture - photo or your own drawing - on every page in the software, then print onto our special Storyfold Paper. This A4 paper will fold down to an 8 page book. Need more pages, just carry on and bind with a staple and tape. Or, if you want to make talking cards, don't fold down but just cut up the A4 paper into cards. Each page is sound enabled with our BirdVoice. So you have talking books or talking cards! Easy. Not only can children write their own books but they can also record and re-record their own narrations straight onto the pages.

You are buying a component of the Mini Book Creator Pack. You need a BirdVoice to use this pad of paper.  1 x StoryFOLD A4 Paper Pad (50 sheets each with unique soundspots)

SKU: StoryFoldA4