Spring into Dawn Chorus with BirdvoicePEN!

Birdvoice LITE now only £60.00 with "Songs, Calls and Expert Advice" on 250+ European Birds. Save over £40.

This offer is exclusive to our Birdvoice Users.

BirdvoicePEN comes with 2 AAA batteries, a protective black silicone sleeve and 8GB SD Card with audio files and a USB cable. Included free are the Waterproof Pocket Fieldguide, the Recordable 70 page Notebook, with 270 birds in alphabet and scientific order, 54 sticky Picture Labels which plays back Songs and calls.

Dawn Chorus Cropped

Birdvoice was first introduced in 2006 and since then the BirdvoicePEN has evolved. Now, in addition to playing back and recording songs, you can transfer all content from your favourite CD’s into any label or the Notebook or your Bird Reference Books.

But hurry, this offer ends in May 21st 2018.

PS : We have just 200 'Garden Birds Fridge Magnets' left in stock. Each magnet plays back the songs and calls of the corresponding specie and is great for kids to identify species. The first 200 respondents to this offer will be given a Free set of Fridge Magnets which play back songs and calls.

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