BirdCaller PRO Software

BirdCaller PRO free software lets you transfer bird songs and calls from any MP3 to your Birdvoice labels. You may have CD's of birdsongs from around the world. Why not make your own field guide so that you can listen anywhere without the need for a CD player.

(You get 100 free recordable sticky labels with BirdvoicePEN and can order many more.)

All you need is to download the free Birdcaller Pro software (Windows only), install and get started. Please see for yourself how easy it is by clicking the video here.

You can order more 'Start Arrows' here and there are over 4500 unique recordable stickers to capture all your audio recordings and stick them into your birding books. Or may your own field guides

You can use one sticky label with different start arrows, which means you can access several recordings on one label.

This software comes with a set of start arrows.
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