British Birds Sound Stickers

Would you like to HEAR the birds in your favourite bird guidebook? Great books like the Birdwatcher's Yearbook, RSPB Handbook of British Birds, can now be sound activated! Just stick the label of a specie onto the corresponding page of your guidebook. Each label has the Bird song, Bird Call and Geoff Sample's advice on what to look out for. For example, open page 150 of the RSPB Handbook, stick the "Herring Gull" sticky label anywhere on the page. Now, while reading in depth information of the identification, habits, voice, habitat, food, breeding and migration, etc you can also LISTEN at the same time. It’s that simple but so effective in learning. What's more, while in Record Mode in BirdVoice PEN, you can make your own recordings of the Herring Gull and SAVE them on the page!

You can use these labels on any book. However, you can also buy the RSPB Handbook for this site. Just look up the Products page for details.

There are 270 British birds audio stickers in a pack. Each sticker has the specie’s call and song, and Geoff Sample’s expert advice on what to listen out for.

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